Terms and Conditions – Private

Below you will find the general terms and conditions for private costumers. You can order directly from the webshop and get your products delivered to your address, or you can save the delivery expenses and pick up your order at our storage in Copenhagen.

Price and payment

This is a B2B website, so all prices are without deposit and taxes. You can pay via Bank Transfer or Mobilepay and with Visacard and Mastercard. With payments done through Mobilepay, Visacard or Mastercard the total amount is withdrawn from your payment card, when your order is shipped from our storage.

Refund system

Al our packaging is for one time use and should therefor be recycled according to rules and instructions from Dansk Retur System (The Danish Refund System).

Product warranty and withdrawal

All the rules regarding warranty and withdrawal are made according to Danish legislation within thefield. The buyer is responsible for all the expenses related to a possible return delivery. When withdrawing an order, we exclusively receive full crates.

Data collection and privacy policy

With orders placed on club-mate.dk´s webshop it is necessary to gather information from costumers regarding name, address, phone number and e-mail address. All the information is used exclusively for internal purposes and will neither be resold nor will it be shared with a 3rd part. All gathered data is kept according to Danish legislation within the field.

Club-mate.dk does not have access nor the possibility to keep your card payment information, because all information regarding this is exchanged via an encrypted connection with the issuer.


To give you the best possible experience on club-mate.dk´s webshop and website we use cookies. We use cookies to gather statistics and thereby organize the site in a way that gives the user the best experience possible. Cookies are files which your web browser stores on your hard-disc.

Cookies are used for:

  • Optimizing the experience for the user
  • Undertaking the language setting that best suits you
  • Creating a website that backs up your browser in the best way possible

How cookies back up the functions of sale and purchase:

  • You can choose to remain logged in between every visit to the website
  • We can try to highlight products which you previously have shown an interest for
  • Chosen products will be registered in the basket even though you are not logged in
  • We can present an overview of last seen products
  • Information about the use of the website can be gathered via Google Analytics

At club-mate.dk we wish to gather information about frequently visited parts of the website, so we can accommodate our users’ demand in the best way possible. This is done via Google Analytics, 3. part cookies can be set by eg. Facebook or Instagram, completely depending on your personal Choices. If you do not support the use of cookies, you can adjust your browser so it automatically refuses them. This will cause this site (and many other sites) to cease functioning optimally.